Boot Campaign Cooler White Top

We’re so glad you stopped by the Boot Campaign store! These coolers will go far to help our nation’s heroes, and your efforts to get the conversation started is the first step in our mission. If you want to go farther to support military families, check out our donation page or volunteer opportunities. Until then...GET YOUR CHILL ON!

Boot Campaign Cooler-White Top

The Blueprint

Now you can set up camp on the cooler and not get a cramp in your backside!

White vinyl cushion with camo and gold stripes, yellow and green Boot Campaign star logo

Full dimensions with cushion installed: 34”L x 17”W x 23.5”T, 22 lbs


Deluxe cushion particulars:

Unique plastic sub-straight design within cushion to provide maximum support and comfort

Made with deluxe marine grade vinyl that handles wind, rain, and seawater better than your mailman

Includes UV inhibitors and stain resistant top coating on vinyl and logos

Thick 3” foam pack is so comfortable you’ll probably bring this inside and put your sofa on your boat

Easy to assemble and remove cushion – snaps in place to assure proper positioning

Made in Dallas, TX USA by Tempress Products


Igloo Marine Grade 94 QT cooler particulars:

Built for harsh outdoor conditions

94 quart capacity - holds 140 cans plus ice, maybe 141 cans if you’re good at Tetris or Jenga

Keeps ice for up to five days

Impact-resistant body 

Four snaps already pre-installed to make final assembly of cushion simple

UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and cooler

Stain- and odor-resistant liner, however we don’t recommend keeping your catch in there for a month to test it out

Threaded drain plug

Child safety lid latches keep your little spawn safe

Fish measuring ruler 

Tie-down loops

Made in Katy, TX USA by Igloo Coolers

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